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Dress Code

Metropolitan Club Members and their Guests are kindly asked to comply with the Dress Code while at the Club. In the Roebling Room, a jacket is recommended, but not required. For the Met Bar, and the remaining Club areas, the attire is business casual and dress denim is approved.
The following guidelines should help you determine what is and is not business casual dress. It is also important to note that our business casual dress code applies to all days of the week.
We request that Members, Prospective Members, and Guests use sound judgment when considering your attire at The Metropolitan Club:
  • Members & prospective members are asked to wear smart business or business casual attire, appropriate for the occasion or event.
  • The Roebling Room enjoys a more upscale and inviting environment.
  • Gentlemen’s hats are to be removed while at the Club.
  • Well-kept dress denim in a dark shade is acceptable.
  • Shorts, t-shirts, hoodies, workout attire, sandals, flip-flops, attire that is torn, worn and/or in need of cleaning or repair are not appropriate.
  • Those not following dress code guidelines will be respectfully requested not to wear the inappropriate item(s) to the Club again.
Manner of dress, specified or not, shall at all times be governed by good taste and reflect the character of The Metropolitan Club. If you have questions on attire, please call the Club for clarification: 859-491-2400.