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Current as of December 2020 (Post- 11/20 restaurant shutdown)

Are you open to hosting events?
Yes! Governor Beshear gave all event venues the go-ahead to host events up to 50% of our normal capacity. With the current rooms available in our Ballroom & Grill, this means that we can safely host seated events up to 100 people ! The total capacity may change based on a client's preferred seating arrangements & the room availability, but this is our baseline. We average the capacity based on total number of tables allowed in each room that can be accommodated given the 6' distancing requirements. Maximum capacity is based on 10 people per table (not socially distant seats), but we can work on final floor plans to fit your needs. For individual room capacities, please visit our website here

An awesome perk of Membership is that you do not pay any room rental fees! Members also have the option to "sponsor" a non-member's event (think: a friend's rehearsal dinner, a corporate dinner, or a small family gathering). Sponsoring their event will also waive their room rental fee! Or, non-Members do not need a sponsor & will pay a small room rental fee. Each room has varying fees, so please reach out to learn more.

What type of events have you been hosting at the Club?
We are blessed with our Membership, as every event we host always seems to be a little different. Currently, we are seeing an influx in business meetings. These can be small luncheons, all-day meetings, hybrid in-person/virtual meetings with our brand new Meeting OWL Pro video conferencing camera, and more! We still have quite a few weddings & rehearsal dinners, as well as charity events planned for the upcoming months - many of which were referred to by our Members, so THANK YOU! 

What is different now compared to hosting events previously at The Club?
It's difficult navigating the current regulations set forth by Kentucky's Healthy At Work program and trying to adapt these to our normal day-to-day events, as quite a few things have changed from what we are used to. For now, here is what The Metropolitan Club is practicing with regards to hosting events:

  • All events are expected to be a seated event. This means (unfortunately) no cocktail receptions, dancing, or events that encourage mingling/congregating for the time being. A requirement set forth by Kentucky is that event venues must not encourage "excessive congregation." Though this is a somewhat vague term, we are committed to keeping Members and guests safe and have decided to err on the side of caution. Our thought process behind this decision was that it is nearly impossible to enjoy appetizers & cocktails while keeping a mask on, all the while mingling with others outside of your household, so would ultimately be going against what is expected of a safe event venue.
  • The host of the event must submit to the Club a record of persons in attendance and their contact information to notify attendees if the event is linked by contact tracing to high risk COVID-19 exposure. I will provide a sheet that the host can fill out ahead of time, or can fill out the day of the event. No contact information will ever be shared or used for anything other than health-related communication should state and/or local officials request the list.
  • We are primarily hosting plated style events, but are happy to announce that buffets are now offered for private events again! Self-service of any kind will not be permitted, but our highly trained associates will be providing food and beverages to each individual. 
  • All Members and Guests are required to wear a face mask at any point while not seated at their table, including all areas of the RiverCenter Towers. This means coming up the elevators from the garage, going to the restrooms, walking to your table, and leaving for the evening. Disposable masks are available at the front desk should you or your guest need one. All staff members, too, are required to wear masks for the entirety of their shift, unless they are working directly over an open flame.
  • We are operating private rooms at 50% of usual capacity. This means that groups of 6 & under can utilize our Boardroom and Parlors. Groups of 7+ require part of our ballroom to maintain socially distant seating. These rooms can be set in quite a few different styles (i.e. classroom style, rectangular conference tables, u-shape, and more). Individual tables will be 6' apart, and most seating (other than at round tables) will be 6' apart, too. We leave it up to the client whether they are comfortable having seating closer than 6', but our Catering Sales Manager, Sydney, will work with clients to create the perfect floorplan to fit your needs.

What is your cancellation policy? Do you have event contracts in place?

Currently, we are still enforcing our cancellation & no-show policies. Fees are subject to change, and are reviewed situtationally. If you're interested in reading our event contract, a sample can be found here. Your catering coordinator will send updated contracts for signature when booking.


I am still self-quarantining. How can I enjoy the Club's delicious cuisine at home?
During the shut down, we were operating solely on carryout lunches & dinners. I'm saying this with confidence - our carryout food is just as good as enjoying it on the 19th floor. Okay, maybe slightly less enjoyable without our awesome view - but seriously. Chef Kelsey and his culinary team have been hitting it out of the ballpark every.single.time. We now feature weekly lunch specials, family-style dinners (portioned for 4 people), and more!

Lunch specials can be ordered ahead of time, or the day of. Emails are sent with the full weekly menu, as well as posted on our Facebook page. We also send daily special emails a few times a week as a friendly reminder. Family-style dinners are due before 2pm the day of. For larger catering orders (15+ guests), we require a few day's notice. Ideally, larger catering needs are booked 1 week in advance. If you miss this deadline, please give us a call. We can work with Chef to see what we have on-site to best accommodate your order!

How do we get our food if we are not dining at the Club?
We have been offering curbside delivery - you just pull up in front of our Tower (there's a huge Butler's Pantry banner currently hung), and a staff member will head down those stairs and deliver right to your car!

Delivery will be temporarily suspended during Winter for safety concerns.

If it's raining, or if you don't feel comfortable pulling off to the curbside, we do offer pickup in our RiverCenter garage on the entry level (G2). We head down our service elevator & come through the door located to the right of the glass encasement of elevators. There are also a few signs hanging in the garage with arrows on where to pull.

Our goal is to make takeout as easy as possible for you. We will even include free dessert!! (Ask about our lunch + dinner take-out special). 

Not only have we been offering our a la carte menus to go, we also have an amazing catering menu with specialty desserts, appetizers, and much more that are available for take-out/RiverCenter delivery. 

Do I need to make reservations for private rooms & the Club's lounge?
Yes. The Parlors, Boardroom, Salons, etc. need to be booked ahead of time, as these rooms are reserved most days.The Lounge used to have more flexibility for our Members, but to ensure proper sanitation, we must know who is at the Club and where they have been at all times. We will gladly put a "reserved" sign in our lounge - whether at the table near the Boardroom, or at our cool new co-work desk space - wherever you'd like to sit! 

Please know that we are not trying to be difficult, and understand that you might need a room/space spur of the moment. If this is the case, please call ahead or stop by the Front Desk. Executive staff, including myself, will be onsite during the week beginning at 10 am and are more than happy to check room availability and get you set up!